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Rich High makes a dream come true

11/20/2014, 9:15pm MST
By Wesley Ruff

RANDOLPH, Utah (Good 4 Utah Sports) Rich High helps a, soon-to-be blind football player score a touchdown in his very last football game.

They say, defense wins championships, and Rich HS had a good one. Heading into the playoffs, they had given up the fewest points in the state of Utah.
"The kids bought in, and we were very good defensively all year long," said Rich High Head Coach Ashley Brown.
However, in Rich's opening round playoff game, their opponent, Monument Valley, asked for a favor.
"If we had a chance, could we let one of his kids score a touchdown," said Brown. "The kid was going blind, and this would probably be his last football game."
"He was suppose to completely lose his sight by the end of the year," said Rich High principal Rick Larsen. "So, the request was made that he could score."
Late in the 4th quarter, Rich was leading 30-0 and had the ball On fourth down, the quarterback dropped back, and took a knee. Turning the ball over to Monument Valley. 
That's when this contest went from a playoff game, to something special.
Avery Black was put in the game. Black took the hand off, and although he could barely see, he ran as hard and as straight as he could. 
76 yards later, Black had scored a TD. The 7 points bumped Rich down in the defensive ranking, but no one seemed to care.
"I thought about it after the game, if I was going blind, I wouldn't know what to do," said senior Joseph Leifson.
"It was really special to know that this was his last time to probably be able to play football," said sophomore Jaden Larsen. "To end on a TD, that's what everyone dreams. Having him end on that, was pretty really special.."
After he scored, the Rich players were the first in the end zone to congratulate him.
"We ran down there with him, we ran right behind him.  We got down there and I told him that it was an honor to be down there with him." said sophomore Nick Wallentine.
"It was just amazing. I would do it again if I could."
The Rich High kids may never get another opportunity to do something like this in their lifetime. However, they took advantage of this opportunity, and did something special.
"They made a choice. The coaches made a choice," said Rick Larsen. "I believe it was just one of those rare moments.  They did the right thing at the right time."
"This will be brought up when you tell you kids and all that that this was almost as cool, or just as cool as winning the state championship," said senior running back Cache Sabey.
"We will remember it, us as coaches as well as the players, it was just a great opportunity for us to help a kid out, that needed to be helped out, at that time," said Brown.
"I will never forget it," said Larsen.
Neither will we. 

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